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Spanish sage (low ketone) organic


Labeled in German and French only. The advantage of Spanish sage, also known as lavender sage (salvia lavandulifolia) over garden sage (salvia officinalis) is the lower content of ketones. That’s why we bring you this product as a gentler alternative. The scent is fresh, herbaceous, and reminiscent of camphor. With strengthening, invigorating and concentration-enhancing properties, it is ideal for the relief of stress and exhaustion as well as a preventative of winter ailments. The phlegm-loosening effect of this oil also makes it highly sought after. Not for use during pregnancy, by epileptics, nor children below the age of 6.

CHF 14.00
Including VAT, excluding delivery charges
CHF 280.00 / 100 ml

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Quality:kontr. biologischer Anbau
Certification:Ecocert, Frankreich/International
plant part:haulm
Extraction:steam distillation
Botanical name:Salvia lavandulifolia
content:5 ml
biochemical specification:1.8 cineole, camphor, b-pinene


For beneficial room fragrancing and personal aroma care. For information on the therapeutic use of essential oils, please consult respective aromatherapy reference books.


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