Great for muscles and joints

Do you want to feel good in your body? Physical fitness is an important cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle and our holistic well-being. Selected essential oils can support our muscle and joint care and are suitable companions on the way to a healthy level of movement and a balanced body feeling.


Cooling and then warming?Stimulating skin care combined with the relaxing thermal effect.

  • Cools first, then warms
  • Relaxing care after physical exertion
  • With organic menthol & wintergreen
Thermo-active massage gel
19.90 CHF 100ml

The natural power of plants for physical well-being

Rosemary chemotype camphor

Bot. Rosmarinus officinalis. Rosemary with its camphor-like, rather medicinal scent is energising and stimulating. In the right dosage, it is ideal for sports and muscle matters. Due to its ingredients, it has both relaxing and pain-relieving properties.


Bot. Gaultheria fragrantissima. The essential oil of this heather herb has very helpful properties when it comes to nourishing muscle relaxation after sport and other physical exertion. As an ingredient in liniments and massage additives, it has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.


Bot. Mentha piperita. Thanks to its high menthol content, peppermint has a soothing cooling effect, which later turns into a relaxing warmth. Ideal for supporting muscles and joints!


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