Does your child have trouble letting go of the day and can't get any rest? Many parents know the problem: instead of dozing off on command, the little ones really get going. The many impressions of the day linger on and make a relaxed evening almost impossible - yet not only the exhausted parents, but also the kids need their sleep more than ever.

Sleep is important for healthy development

Every day our children grow and develop, often overnight. Children need between nine and sixteen hours of sleep depending on their age. Sleep problems and lack of sleep can have immediate negative effects, both on academic performance, social interactions and physical well-being.


That's why it's important to promote beneficial sleep hygiene from an early age and set the stage for good sleep - because poor sleep in childhood and adolescence can have long-term negative effects on psychological development in later life. While physical ailments often disrupt sleep in babies and toddlers, other factors come into play from kindergarten age onwards: excessive demands, leisure time stress, too much activity and excitement without time for reflection, arguments in the family, inappropriate media consumption and screen time that is too late, as well as fears about the future. Nearly two-thirds of children with high stress levels and pressure to perform have symptoms such as stomachaches, headaches, or insomnia, often starting when they enter school.

Children are very receptive to scents because their sense of smell is already imprinted in the womb. Familiar fragrances give children a sense of security - nothing smells better than mommy and daddy. Particularly with infants, restraint in the use of perfumes is called for, also in order not to disturb the parent-child bond. With very excited children it is important to keep in mind: scent stimuli are also stimuli and should be used with caution. Carefully selected, purely natural scents can soothe, comfort and relax the family atmosphere.

The power of plants Essential oils for a more relaxed evening routine


Bot. Lavandula angustifolia, known as "English lavender" or true lavender. The essential oil distilled from the flower panicles owes its strong relaxing properties to the high content of linalyl acetate. It has a light floral, fresh and herbaceous scent. In aromatherapy it is used, among other things, for issues such as tension or skin problems and supports relaxation and restful nights. Numerous studies confirm its effectiveness.


Bot. Vanilla planifolia. Its fragrance is sweet, soothing, balsamic and warm; its effect calming, uplifting, harmonizing, comforting, pampering. In aromatherapy it is appreciated for anxiety and low mood or sleep problems. It curbs the appetite for sweets and provides security and warmth. Children love the scent of vanilla - it is a good friend and comforter that relaxes and gives a sense of security.

Red mandarine

Bot. Citrus reticulata. Provides serenity and a sense of security The fruity soft fragrance is especially popular with children and soothes during defiance and fidgetiness. It also cheers up adults, relaxes them from stress, excitement and nervousness. In low dosage very soothing in relaxing mixtures, in too high dosage activating.


Bot. Chamaemelum nobile. An essential oil that has relaxing, bright and comforting properties and is one of the best essential oils when it comes to strengthening the nervous system and finding your inner center. Wonderful also as an organic plant water.

In order to safely use essential oils for children, it is important to know that these substances are extremely concentrated plant substances and require very sparing and prudent use. It is worthwhile to gain a general insight into the most important dos and don'ts of aromatherapy for children. If you stick to the application recommendations in our Rituals for Kids, you'll be good to go in a snap. Good choices are organic plant waters (hydrolates), the super gentle siblings of essential oils, which may even be used in pure form on baby skin. In addition, the age recommendations of our AromaCare lines Baby (from 3 months) and Aromakids (from 3 years) apply. And, of course, the child's sense of smell - the child should always have the option of rejecting or withdrawing from a fragrance.



Recherche actuelleCurrent research

he scent of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) improves relaxation, among other things. One study* examined the effect of lavender-scented bath oil on infants and their mothers.

* Field T, Field T, Cullen C, et al. Lavender bath oil reduces stress and crying and enhances sleep in very young infants. Early Hum Dev. 2008 Jun;84(6):399-401.

‎‎‎‎‎‎ ‎‎‎‎ Fragrant rituals for a more relaxing evening routine

Security and routine are the magic words for good sleep in children of all age groups. Familiar rituals strengthen the bond, provide security and support children's self-confidence. Let our relaxing ideas for bedtime inspire you: a warm bath (foot bath, hand bath), a loving massage (touch does good), singing together, a good night prayer (blessing/falling asleep formula/spell for the magic of the night) and of course the good night story (even for infants) establish a soothing routine that helps to strip away the impressions of the day.

Evening routine
"sleeping bumblebee"

Bumblebees like to sleep in the flowers and are gently lulled to sleep. Rocking the restless toddler in a cloth, with gentle strokes and a little fragrant organic plant water do wonders. From 0 months onwards.

Evening routine
"Sweet dreams on Cloud 9"

Before going to bed, shake the bed covers and open the window, give a few sprays of organic room spray Träum süss in the upper corners of the room, read a good night story and always end with the same sentence. From 3 years onwards.

Evening routine
"our song for the night"

A joint singing ritual relaxes, promotes deep breathing and gives security. The singing ritual is started by scenting the fragrance stone, while the fragrance is deeply inhaled. From 1 year onwards.

Especially with children, it is very important to keep the overall situation in mind. A detached scent in a turbulent environment will not have a breakthrough effect. On the other hand, aromatherapeutic rituals can help young and old to cope better with stressful situations. A good day always starts with a loving morning ritual - and nothing prepares the whole family better for a restful night than a lovely evening ritual with the right, relaxing essential oil or AromaCare product. The stimulus for relaxation and serenity at the end of the day is particularly good not only for the children, but also for parents in need of rest.


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