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Ravintsara organic Grand Cru, essential oil


Ravintsara is not particularly well known. The scent is fresh and is reminiscent of eucalyptus. Organic ravintsara is a wonderfully beneficial essential oil for the respiratory tract, facilitates deep breathing and has a strong air-freshening effect. One of the best essential oils for purifying and disinfecting a room. Mixed with organic tea tree oil it is an ideal, prophylactic winter oil. See also specialist literature. Labeled in German and French only

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Quality:kontr. biologischer Anbau
Certification:Ecocert, Frankreich/International
plant part:leaf
Extraction:steam distillation
Botanical name:Cinnamomum camphora
Grand Cru:yes
biochemical specification:1.8 cineole, sabinene, a-terpineol


For beneficial room fragrancing and personal aroma care. For information on the therapeutic use of essential oils, please consult respective aromatherapy reference books.


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Pflanzenprojekt Madagaskar

Pflanzenprojekt Madagaskar

Duftpflanzen: Rosa Pfeffer, Pfeffer, Ravintsara, Ingwer, Vanille, Ylang Ylang, Zimt, Nelkenknospe u. a.
Anbaugebiet: Provinz Ambanja, Madagaskar
Anbaupartner seit: 2012
Anbaufläche: ca. 20 bis 30 ha

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