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Chamomille Roman Swiss Selection, essential oil


The fruity-light aroma of the «true» chamomile is a reflection of the fields of Piedmont. The blossoms are comparable to the sun, whose golden rays are able to penetrate and dissolve the most deep-seated tension. Chamomile is profoundly relaxing and harmonising. It is also a comforting oil easing nervous tension and anxiety and allays worries. Labeled in German and French only

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CHF 700.00 / 100 ml

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Quality:selected quality - non-organic crop
plant part:Blossoms
Extraction:steam distillation
Botanical name:Chamaemelum nobile (Syn.: Anthemis nobilis)
content:5 ml
biochemical specification:isobutyl angelate, isoamyl angelate, methallyl angelate


For beneficial room fragrancing and personal aroma care. For information on the therapeutic use of essential oils, please consult respective aromatherapy reference books.


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Gabriela Gmuer | May 19, 2021

Ich wende die römische Kamille bei den offenen Wunden, die krankheitsbedingt kaum verheilen, meines "leishmaniose" Hundes an, seither deutliche Verbesserung der Wundheilung.

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