Defensive power

Abwehrkraft, Intensive purifying organic air freshener


Reliably and safely cleanses the room air thanks to a unique formula of 18 proven essential oils with a purifying effect. A strong helper against unwelcome germs in living, working and transit areas (e.g. lift, hallway) or when people change in the meeting or therapy room. The forest-fresh scent deodorises the room air and supports well-being.

CHF 28.80
Including VAT, excluding delivery charges
CHF 14.40 / 100 ml

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Labeled in German and French only.

content:200 ml


Spray directly into the room air.


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Client ratings

Lena | May 19, 2021

Hammer Duft

Martin B | May 19, 2021

auf den habe ich gewartet. Danke farfalla

Bergwind | May 19, 2021

Ganz tolle Ergänzung zu den bestehenden Raumsprays. Ich liebe das Sprühverhalten und der Duft ist jetzt schon mein Liebling.

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