Gua Sha Aventurine

Massage stone for face and body. Size of the Gua Sha approx.7.5 x 4.5cm. Green aventurine quartz conveys light-heartedness and relaxation. With the help of this mineral, negative things that burden you can be released and the positive things that you have achieved in life can be enjoyed.


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The Gua Sha has been known for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Until today, the use of Gua Sha made of gemstones is very common in Asia, since the application is simple and requires no previous knowledge. In the western world, the Gua Sha is mainly used for relaxing and draining applications. These can be done on the whole body; facial treatment is particularly popular.


The Gua Sha is applied to the skin, which has been lightly oiled beforehand, in strokes about 10 cm long. The pressure is increased little by little, stroke by stroke. Please do not move the Gua Sha crosswise, but carefully along the muscles from the inside to the outside, i.e. always stroking away from the nose. Due to the three different sides of the Gua Sha, alternating pressure can be applied - be attentive and pay attention to the signals of your body as to what is good for you. Tip: Gua Sha can also be applied very well under the shower, e.g. after a strenuous day at work!

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