Aroma-Diffuser Kopenhagen

The stylish and simple nebulizer delights all the senses: a haven of peace for the eye, a caress for the hand with a silky-smooth feel and, of course, its fragrant heart, the diffusion of essential oils. Made with a beech-wood base made and a gray ceramic hood with a silky finish, the nebulizer combines essential oils with water using a special ultrasonic technology and distributes the aroma in the air. The components of the essential oils can work optimally without being heated. The aroma nebulizer is very easy to use and clean. Tank volume 100ml. Measures: 85 x 85 x 190mm. Wood base made of FSC beech wood.

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Material:wood, pottery, plastic
Kurzbeschreibung:Der stilvolle Vernebler mit der Basis aus Buchenholz verbindet mit einer speziellen Ultraschalltechnologie ätherisches Öl mit Wasser und verteilt das Aroma in der Raumluft.


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