Our promise

Natural essential oils and natural scents

Farfalla’s essential oils are 100% pure, natural products. Essential oils that originate from different crops can have slight variations in their composition and, as a result, small differences in odour.

All our fragrant raw materials originate from suppliers throughout the world whom we have known for many years. Most of our essential oils are certified organic or from wild-growing plants. All our scented products and perfumes are composed from these first-class, raw materials and have no synthetic additives.

Certified natural and organic cosmetics

Farfalla’s natural and organic cosmetics are consistently certified in accordance with Natrue (all products developed since 2009) and BDIH (up to 2009).

0% Mineral oils
Mineral oils form a film on the skin which can hinder the skin’s respiratory activity and possibly plug the pores. Farfalla Organic Cosmetics, therefore, use only valuable and highly-effective organic vegetable oils.

0% Synthetic substances
Farfalla Organic Cosmetics use only natural essential oils as fragrances and active ingredients. Wherever possible, essential oils of certified organic origin are added. The exclusive use of natural preservatives guarantees the excellent sustainability of the products. Since colorants do not increase the value of products, Farfalla has completely refrained from  their addition.  

0% Synthetic substances
We comply fully with the standards in the natural cosmetics industry and use neither silicone nor polyethylene glycol in our products. These additives could lead to skin or general health problems if applied to the skin regularly.

No animal testing
Farfalla products are not animal-tested. Farfalla has never taken part in animal experiments and has never asked any third party to act on their behalf in this regard.

No adverse reactions
All products have been clinically and dermatologically-tested (Dermatest) and have been awarded the top classification of “Very Good”. This means that not a single person showed any adverse reactions to the products.


Containers (jars or bottles)
The best protection for a product is a container (jar or bottle) made of glass. This is why we market these valuable Organic Cosmetics with Active Ingredients in glass jars or bottles. Another positive aspect is that glass can be recycled without any problems. Other packages in use are airless tubes and tubes made of recyclable plastics.

Outer packaging
Outer packaging is necessary to protect the glass containers as much as possible. We also use it to convey important print information in various languages. The ecological aspects are not overlooked either: The cardboard we use consists of 100% sustainable FSC certified cardboard.



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