Certification of Natural and Organic Cosmetics

NaTrue – the International Natural Cosmetics Label
A major part of Farfalla’s natural and organic cosmetics is NaTrue certified.

NaTrue is the label with the strictest requirements and guarantees the best quality in natural cosmetics. Depending on the percentage of organic ingredients contained in a product, NaTrue makes the following three distinctions:

Level 1: Natural Cosmetics - corresponds to the present German State Department for Trade and Industry (BDIH) standards.

Level 2: Natural Cosmetics with organic ingredients – at least 70% organic ingredients.

Level 3: Organic Cosmetics – at least 95% organic ingredients.  As the water content of the product is not taken into account, it is very difficult to reach this level.

All cosmetic products that have been developed by Farfalla since 2009 are NaTrue certified. The exact certification level can be found in three languages on each individual product.

BDIH: Controlled Natural Cosmetics
This logo guarantees that the choice of raw materials and methods of production meet the standards set by the BDIH for controlled natural cosmetics. Independent certification institutes examine the ingredients and the composition of the submitted natural cosmetics. Furthermore, the protection of animals and plant species is taken into consideration.


Certification of Essential Oils and Organic Skin Care Oils

kbA – Certified Organic Farming
All the organic organizations with whom Farfalla cooperates are members of the international umbrella organization, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). The use of certain pesticides, fertilisers, growth-promoting agents and genetic engineering, commonly used in conventional agriculture, is prohibited in organic farming.

Demeter (biodynamic)
Demeter stands for a form of organic agriculture following seasonal rhythms. The fertility of the soil is enhanced with the help of special mineral and plant supplements. In addition, Demeter enterprises follow the organic standards of the EU Organic Regulation. In Farfalla’s range of products, about 30 from Demeter cooperatives are on offer.

Organic Controls
All producers are controlled by independent, organic inspection bodies. The organisation responsible for control and certification is mentioned on each product. In Switzerland, Farfalla is controlled by bio Inspecta AG regarding the purchased/sold quantities of organic products. Our control number is: bi-31012.


Grand Cru - a Farfalla Label

Farfalla uses the French quality designation “Grand Cru“ to identify the quality of extraordinary essential oils, as well as the people producing them.

A “Grand Cru“ essential oil fulfills the following criteria:

1. It originates from a typical initial cultivation area.

2. Its producers have a passionate and dedicated focus on sustainability (both ecological and social issues) and actively support the maintenance of biodiversity.

3. Its ingredients are either wild-harvested (FairWild), certified organic or Demeter quality aromatic plants.

4. Its distillation is carried out in accordance with the regulations for certified organic quality.


The Sustainability Certification: “Certified Sustainable Economics“

As a pioneer in the organic and natural cosmetics sector, being organic and sustainable has been a matter of common sense for us for nearly 30 years. In 2012, Farfalla was certified in conformity with the Certified Sustainable Economics Standard (CSE). The Society for Applied Ethics in Economy and the CSE label audited and certified all the sectors of the company. The certification is based on three pillars: ecology, economy and ethical conduct. Every year the inspection and approval is repeated and new targets are set.  


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