"Grand Cru" projects

Grand Cru – a Farfalla Label

Farfalla uses the French quality designation “Grand Cru“ to identify the quality of extraordinary essential oils, as well as the people producing them.

A “Grand Cru“ essential oil fulfills the following criteria:

1. It originates from a typical initial cultivation area.

2. Its producers have a passionate and dedicated focus on sustainability (both ecological and social issues) and actively support the maintenance of biodiversity.

3. Its ingredients are either wild-harvested (FairWild), certified organic or Demeter quality aromatic plants.

4. Its distillation is carried out in accordance with the regulations for certified organic quality.

A Tea-Tree Pioneer with a Heart for the Environment

In New South Wales, in the tea-tree’s area of origin, a very limited quantity of the so-called ‘bush oil’ is produced in the Aborigine custom. We are very proud to be able to offer this wonderful oil, of the best organic quality, to our customers.

Sweet Fragrances from the Red Island

Since August, 2012, Farfalla has been a joint partner in the ylang-ylang project in northwestern Madagascar. In the microclimate of the Sambirano region, one of the main areas of ylang-ylang cultivation in Madagascar, this tree produces its lemon-coloured fragrant flowers throughout the year. Learn more.

Help for Women and Children in Need

On an area of 90 hectares (222.4 acres) under organic cultivation, Mr. Murali grows aromatic plants and grasses that are typical for India. Apart from the excellent organic quality, Mr. Murali’s exemplary commitment to underprivileged people induced us to grant our Grand Cru label to his enterprise’s excellent essential oils. During the harvest and production times, in addition to the permanent workforce, single mothers and peasant farmer families in need are given employment. They have a special educational programme for their children: “Better Education for Children and Better Social Atmosphere”. In direct cooperation with the non-profit organization, Destitue Women’s Upliftment Society (DWUS), Mr. Murali advocates a holistic improvement of living conditions in his area. For these social efforts, he was awarded the “Social Upliftment of Children and Women” prize by the Indian Government.

An Inspiring Group of Women

Southern France
It was the plant whisperer, Claire, who awakened our own enthusiasm for wild plants and who taught us a lot about the nature of plants. With her infectious energy, Claire has managed to enthuse a number of young women in her homeland over wild plants. So these days, from May to October, a group of eight women collects wild plants complying with organic guidelines in and surrounding the Cévennes National Park.

Fragrant Woodlands in the Heart of the Auvergne Region

For Stéphane Sallé, organic farming is not only a matter of omitting pesticides,  it is also his deeply-anchored conviction. As such, it determines the future of his cooperative in the Auvergne region which specializes in wild plants and the organic cultivation of regional herbs. We are enthusiastic about the wonderful quality of his silver fir essential oil. As part of the silviculture, the branches of these firs are cut back and the oil-containing twigs are manually removed from the branches with the help of a machete. 

The Calabrian Natural Mood Enhancer

For generations, the Anastasi family has been dedicating itself to the cultivation of the bergamot plant, with Antonino currently representing the third Anastasi generation. His love for the soil and plants arises from the example set by his parents. As the head of the cooperative, his only focus is the organic cultivation of the bergamot hills and olive trees. Today, this organic cooperative qualifies as a flagship agricultural enterprise in southern Italy.


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