The Essence of the Company Philosophy
The core of Farfalla’s company philosophy is that, out of respect for humankind, animals and nature, all business activities have a consistent, ecological and humanitarian basis. Being organic is a matter of common sense for us and, as such, receives the utmost priority.

Corporate Management Commitment
The company management is committed to sustainability. It is the goal of thepeople responsible for work safety, environmental and health issues, to strive for the continued improvement of the status quo. It is not only the active involvement of each individual employee that is promoted; their skills, interests and the development of competence are also taken into account and encouraged.

Natural Fragrances and Certified Natural Cosmetics
In order to achieve sustained and long-term success in the market, we continuously innovate and further develop our certified natural cosmetics with natural fragrances. Our products are based on the store of knowledge gained from natural, holistic skin care, aromatherapy and osmology. The creativity and aesthetics of the product range are committed to naturalness.

The Ecological Origin of our Raw Materials
This is a decisive matter for us: 80% of our raw materials are certified organic and/or wild-harvested. We are the owners of organic plant projects and actively support organic cultivation projects all over the world.

Fair Trade
Fair trade establishes mutual trust and security. We purchase our raw materials from small producers, farmers and cooperatives in over forty countries and put emphasis on sustainability and, wherever possible, on fair trade origin. We feel guaranteed purchases and advance financing help to improve the farmers’ living conditions. We regard them as our partners, know them personally and have been working with most of them for many years.

Farfalla Cosmectics without Animal Testing
It goes without saying that Farfalla products are developed without animal testing. Farfalla has never asked any third party to act on their behalf in animal experiments and no Farfalla products have ever been tested on animals. This is why the Swiss Society for the Protection of Animals, in their brochure “Cosmetics with Heart”, has recommended Farfalla products as cruelty-free cosmetics. All natural cosmetics that have been developed since 2009 are vegan.

Biodiversity Protection
The protection of biodiversity is especially close to Farfalla’s heart since it is a matter dramatically threatened by the regulation of seeds, genetic engineering and exhaustive cultivation. We promote a variety of heirloom plants and special chemotypes in our own cultivation projects.

Sustainability of Infrastructure
The sustainability of our entire infrastructure is subject to continuous improvement. Our Head Office in Uster uses 100% green electricity. Whenever possible, use of external transports is reduced and our company’s own hybrid and KOMPOGAS vehicles used. Throughout Switzerland, our mailing system for letters and parcels is CO2 -neutral. We avoid or reduce the use of valuable materials, such as paper and plastic, and recycle reusable materials, as in our own synthetic material take-back system, “Bring it Back”.

The Sustainability Certification: “Certified Sustainable Economics“
As a pioneer in the organic and natural cosmetics sector, being organic and sustainable has been a matter of common sense for us for nearly 30 years. In 2012, Farfalla was certified in conformity with the Certified Sustainable Economics Standard (CSE). The Society for Applied Ethics in Economy and the CSE label audited and certified all the sectors of the company. The certification is based on three pillars: ecology, economy and ethical conduct. Every year the inspection and approval is repeated and new targets are set.


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