Gemstone Oils

Thanks to maceration, the gemstones‘ healing properties can become effective in nourishing and regenerating organic jojoba oil. Natural essential oils harmoniously balance the seven “Feel Good” choices.

Throughout the ages, gemstones have been associated with healing and balancing properties. These balancing characteristics counteract negative energy, stress and anxiety while enhancing the positive – beauty, wellness and happiness. It is said that people are instinctively drawn to the gemstone with the properties they need – complementing their inner light and beauty. Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone, for example, was the Peridot, which is celebrated for it’s skin benefits and ability to heal, tone and and regenerate tissue.


For the first time, the special properties of gemstones have been transferred to a luxurious cosmetic oil: Farfalla Gemstone Oils combine the balancing characteristics of gemstones with nourishing and moisturizing Jojoba oil (certified organic). Complementing essential oils and a small gemstone in each bottle enhance the effect. Indulge both your skin and your senses – stay balanced and beautiful with a bath or massage with one of the unique Farfalla Gemstone Oils!



how to use gemstone oils
Enjoy the balancing and indulging effects of Farfalla Gemstone Oils according to your needs and moods:


body oil
Use Farfalla Gemstone Oil daily after taking a shower. The oil absorbs wonderfully and seals in moisture, leaving your skin feeling silky soft and smooth.


facial oil
Farfalla Gemstone Oil can be used for facial massage or skin care. It soaks into your skin effortlessly and deeply moisturizes your skin.


bath oil
When used as a bath oil, the warm water further enhances the effect of Farfalla Gemstone Oil. Use 2 tablespoons per bath. Moisturizes intensively and leaves skin soft and velvety – no need for additional oil or lotion after bathing.


massage oil
Farfalla Gemstone Oil can be used like any massage oil. Use a small amount to allow fingers to glide easily. The light texture is a pleasure to spread on the skin without leaving it too greasy.

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