Acc. to care needs
  1. Nurturing (1)
  2. Shower (3)
Serial name
  1. silhouette miracle (4)
Acc. to skin type
  1. Cellulite & mature skin (4)
  2. Dry skin (1)
  3. Normal skin (4)

silhouette miracle

  1. Dermatologically approved toning effect 
  2. Prevention against cellulite 
  3. Visibly refines skin
  4. Activates and refreshes skin

Longan fruit
A clinically-proven, firming, active ingredient extracted from the Thai longan fruit (literally translated as “dragon eye”) contains a high level of polyphenols. These include concentrated corilagin, a plant-based, active substance that tones the silhouette and slows down the formation of fatty deposits.


Organic birch sap
Pure Finnish birch sap optimally supports the other active toning substances, thanks to its purifying and cleansing properties.


Ginger extract
Ginger stimulates blood circulation and the skin’s metabolism. It further accelerates fat burning and supports the regeneration of cells.


Aromatological fragrance mixture
Carefully-selected, 100% natural essential oils, isolated from lemongrass, rose-mary, sage, juniper berry and others, support and activate the skin’s functions.

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