Acc. to care needs
  1. Deodorant & perfume (1)
  2. Shower (1)
Serial name
  1. pure sensitive (2)
Acc. to skin type
  1. Cellulite & mature skin (1)
  2. Dry skin (2)
  3. Normal skin (1)
  4. Sensitive skin (2)

pure sensitive

  1. Nurtures and calms skin
  2. Visibly improves moisture level of skin
  3. Skin compatibility is dermatologically tested

Organic almond oil
The organic nut oil, with its exceptional fatty-acid spectrum, has a special smoothing and regenerating effect. It nourishes the skin intensively and leaves it silky-smooth and velvety. 

Organic sunflower oil
This wonderful oil is rich in linoleic acid and is considered to be the oil with stored solar energy. Excellent for use on sensitive or irritated skin, it stimulates cell renewal.

Organic aloe vera
The organic, fresh plant extract from the inside of the aloe vera leaf supports cell regeneration thanks to its abundance of minerals, enzymes and vitamins. Aloe vera replenishes the skin’s moisture caches. As a result, the skin becomes firmer and fine lines are smoothed out.

Organic lime blossom extract
As far back as the Middle Ages, beauty products were made with this sweet-smelling blossom. The main ingredients are flavonoids, essential oils, plant acids, saponins and glycosydes. Lime blossoms calm and relax the skin and leave it feeling wonderfully fresh.

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