Acc. to care needs
  1. Deodorant & perfume (1)
  2. Nurturing (2)
  3. Shower (1)
Serial name
  1. intense frangipani (4)
Acc. to skin type
  1. Cellulite & mature skin (1)
  2. Dry skin (4)
  3. Normal skin (1)

intense frangipani

  1. Visibly regenerates and relaxes dry skin 
  2. Significantly improves moisture level of skin 
  3. Refines and nourishes complexion 
  4. Beautifully scented skincare

Organic tamanu oil
The nut oil, with its excellent skin-caring features, is drawn from the nuts of the Madagascan tamanu tree (Calophyllum Inophyllum). After drying the nuts for about two months, the tamanu oil is extracted by cold pressing. It is rich in saturated and unsaturated fatty acids as well as in the unique calophyllic acid.

Frangipani extract
For this maceration, the white and yellow frangipani (Plumeria Alba), as well as the white and red blossoms (Plumeria Rubra), are harvested. The extract has moisturizing and stimulating properties.

Tahiti monoi extract
A maceration of Polynesian gardenia blossoms (Gardenia Tahitensis) in coconut oil. Possesses multiple, clinically-proven properties to increase the skin‘s moisture.

Aromatological fragrance mixture
Carefully-selected, 100% natural essential oils, isolated from frangipani, champaca, organic vanilla, tuberose, bergamot, benzoin and others, support and activate the skin’s functions.

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