Acc. to care needs
  1. Deodorant & perfume (1)
  2. Nurturing (2)
  3. Shower (3)
Serial name
  1. daily pleasure (8)
Acc. to skin type
  1. Cellulite & mature skin (3)
  2. Normal skin (6)

daily pleasure

  1. Visibly nurtures and cares for skin
  2. Significantly improves moisture level of skin
  3. Protects skin from damaging environmental influences

Wild mango butter
Extracted from the seeds of a fruit resembling the mango and originating from Central and West Africa, it is also called “wild mango” or “African mango”. It is rich in highly moisturizing ingredients. This butter leaves the skin wonderfully soft with a cared for quality.

Organic cherry blossom extract
This wonderfully mild and moisture-preserving extract from organic cherry blossoms gives a velvety-skin feeling. The cherry blossom is generally considered as the quintessence of silkiness and purity. Its extract has moisturizing properties and helps to smooth the skin’s appearance.


Organic fig extract
Figs are among the highest-fibre fruits in existence and are rich in flavonoids, polyphenols, trace elements and vitamins. As a result, they offer optimum protection against free radicals.

Organic almond oil and organic shea butter
The organic nut oil, with its exceptional fatty-acid spectrum, has a special smoothing and regenerating effect. It nourishes the skin intensively and leaves it silky-smooth and velvety.

Aromatological fragrance mixture
The perfume-like composition of orange, citron, vanilla, mandarin and other essential oils supports skin functions and provides this mixture with its fresh and sunny fragrance.

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