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How time flies! Traces of life experiences show on the skin. Each line in the face tells a story. The African Ju’hoansi don’t count the years, however the names of their eldest carry the prefix NA, standing for «old» as well as «wise». A healthy, mature skin expresses strength and wisdom. How various cultures relate to ageing shows that it is not a cosmetic matter but is always connected with the health of the skin. Based on this source of knowledge we have composed a care, which gives mature skin lustre and beauty and provides the necessary strength to remain healthy and firm. Farfalla organic cosmetics reflect the fine signs of ageing in the sense of wellbeing and wisdom at their best.


Application ritual for the perfect skin care from 30 on


Step 1: Cleansing
Place a warm and moist cleansing tissue on your face and press lightly. Apply some daily refresh cleansing fluid with your fingertips in a gentle circling motion. Rinse off with water. Thus the dirt particles are removed and open the pores so that they can absorb the active components.

Step 2: Effective Moisture
Apply aloe vera Gel deluxe face with hyaluronic acid creating a fine film under your day- or night care. Hyaluronic acid has the capacity to store moisture a thousand-fold of its own weight in the skin and is considered to be an important active component for reducing wrinkles.

Step 3:Smoothing care for the area around the eyes
Apply age miracle tightening eye fluid around the eyes and gently tap in. The caring active component complex visibly reduces wrinkles and gives the area around the eyes a relaxed wellbeing due to long lasting moisture. This is an effective way to prevent the signs of skin ageing. Enjoy moments of youthful and radiant eyes.

Step 4: Active Component Care
Apply a small amount of age miracle tightening regeneration cream along the lymphatics and massage in gently – thus stimulating the skin metabolism. The active component from the Summer snowflake helps slow down the cell division rate. A reduction of wrinkles of 23% within 4 weeks has been dermatologically confirmed.

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