The way to a balanced skin moisture

Application ritual

Stress, air conditioners, overzealous skin cleansing and an unhealthy lifestyle dry out the skin: The skin, our largest bodily organ, evaporates around half a litre of water a day. An elastic, smooth and fresh complexion has a 15 – 20% water content, with very dry skin this sinks to under 10%. Inspired by various cultures we take on a holistic approach: natural skin care always needs a healthy lifestyle, fresh air, exercise and a well-balanced mind. Farfalla organic cosmetics help finding the right balance for the skin to be optimally provided with moisture.


Application ritual for optimal skin moisture


Step 1: Cleansing
Place a warm and moist cleansing tissue on your face and press it lightly. Apply some cleansing fluid with your fingertips in a gentle circling motion. Rinse off with water. Thus the dirt particles are removed and the pores opened for an optimal absorption of the active components.

Step 2: Effective moisturising blossom nectar
Spray some orange blossom water on a cotton wool pad and stroke the cleansed, dry skin along the lymphatics thus stimulating the skin metabolism. Orange blossom water soothes the skin and fills the skin repositories.


Step 3: Precious omega fatty acids
Inca nut oil has a high content of omega fatty acids. Spread 5 – 6 drops on the palm of your hand and gently massage into face, neck and décolleté. This strengthens the skin barriers and intensifies hydration of sensitive and dry skin. 


Step 4: Active Component Care
Apply a small amount of intense moisture nourishing moisturising cream and gently massage in a circular motion into the facial skin. Owing to the active component from the resurrection plant, an increase of 25% of skin moisture during 4 weeks of regular application has been dermatologically proven.

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