Acc. to skin care needs
  1. Moisturising (1)
  2. Soothing (2)
Acc. to skin type
  1. Combination skin (1)
  2. Dry skin (1)
  3. Sensitive skin (2)
Serial name
  1. pure sensitive (2)

pure sensitive

  1. Nurtures and calms the skin
  2. Significantly improves moisture level of skin
  3. Protects against free radicals with help of anti-oxidants
  4. Supports the skin, allowing it to adapt to any type of change

Buddleja davidii extract
Ideal oxidative protection against daily environmental influences, in particular against  free radicals. Tests showed that the moisture content in the skin was increased by 33% two hours after application and by 28% after six hours.

Scotch cotton thistle (Onopordum acanthium) extract
Thanks to its regenerating properties, this extract has a natural protective function on the skin. It balances the natural hydro-lipid film and gives your skin a relaxed feel.

Natural scents
These are the gentlest essential oils in organic quality and emit a delicate scent when present in very low quantities. They are particularly suited for very sensitive skin.

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