Acc. to skin care needs
  1. Clarify impurities (3)
  2. Refresh (1)
Acc. to skin type
  1. Combination skin (3)
  2. Oily skin (3)
Serial name
  1. in balance (3)

in balance

for skin impurities at any age
  1. Noticeably cleanses and refreshes the skin
  2. Natural sebaceous secretion regulation
  3. Refines skin and gives your complexion a visibly matte finish

Linseed extract
A fantastic plant substance that controls oily and/or blemished skin, leaving a refreshingly clean and clear appearance. Test results showed a positive reduction in sebum production, as well as the alleviation of minor skin damage.

Hamamelis water
This organic herbal toner, with its pore-refining and slightly anti-inflammatory effect, helps to clear blemished skin.

Aloe vera
The organic fresh plant extract, isolated from the Aloe vera leaf, supports cell regeneration, thanks to its rich abundance of minerals, enzymes, trace elements and vitamins. Aloe vera refills the skin’s moisture depots and, as a result, the skin is firmed and wrinkles softened.

Natural scents
According to aromatherapeutic principles, a mixture of essential oils isolated from organic-quality cistus, manuka, rosemary and sage, works specifically against skin impurities. With its deep-penetrating effect, the skin is sustainably cleansed and balanced sebum production supported.

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