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age miracle

for anti-ageing care

  1. Innovation: Slows down ageing process of skin!
  2. Effectively tones skin
  3. Significantly improves moisture level of skin
  4. Is dermatologically proven to diminish wrinkles

Leucojum Aestivum bulb extract
An absolute innovation in anti-ageing research! Rather than speeding up the skin’s cell division, as is the case with other products, the so-called  ‘dormins’ extracted from the Summer snowflake, reduce the speed of cell division. This extract offers the sought-after effects of slowing down the skin’s ageing process, improving its elasticity and noticeably reducing the depth of wrinkles.


Paracress extract
Extensive tests have shown that this extract relaxes the facial muscles, which has a distinct wrinkle-improving effect. This was confirmed by 75% of the test participants after only a day’s use. 83% of the testers also confirmed a significant reduction in “crow’s feet”. Relaxed facial features correspond to fewer wrinkles and a younger-looking skin.

Centella asiatica extract
This organic extract stimulates the production of the skin’s own collagen and has a significant influence on the skin’s elasticity and toning of the facial outline.

Hyaluronic acid
This powerful active agent is isolated from wheat. Hyaluronic acid is, in fact, produced by the skin itself. However, by the age of 35, its production gradually decreases. Hyaluronic acid is capable of binding water to skin cells, thus increasing the elasticity of the skin.

Natural scents
According to aromatherapeutic principles, a mixture of essential oils, isolated from iris and attar of roses, supports the regenerating effect.

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