Bergamot Mint organic, 5ml

Fragrance: Fresh, lemony, slightly herbal, with a mild tinge of mint

The essential oil of the bergamot mint is surprisingly gentle and refreshing, motivating and mood uplifting, and is regarded as “protection fragrance”. Also helps when emotionally down and against fear.
In winter this oil is often used as a sauna scent. The oil has similar components to lavender and can thus be used as an alternative by those who aren’t so keen on the fragrance of lavender.
Compared to other types of mint, bergamot mint does not contain menthol and is therefore suitable for children.
Quality:kontr. biologischer Anbau
Certification:Ecocert, Frankreich/International
plant part:haulm
Extraction:steam distillation
Botanical name:Mentha citrata
content:5 ml
For beneficial room fragrancing and personal aroma care. For information on the therapeutic use of essential oils, please consult respective aromatherapy reference books.

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Bergamot Mint organic,  5ml

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