Farfalla's own projects


Since August, 2012, Farfalla has been a joint partner in the ylang-ylang project in northwestern Madagascar. In the microclimate of the Sambirano region, one of the main areas of ylang-ylang cultivation in Madagascar, this tree produces its lemon-coloured fragrant flowers throughout the year.

Before entering into a joint partnership, Farfalla had been a project partner for this plantation over a period of many years. Along with other products, Farfalla obtains the valuable ylang-ylang extra supérieur, the highest quality level of this precious essential oil.

A Day at the Plantation
A six-day week, with mandated eight-hour working days, isn’t the only advantage for an employee working on this organic plantation. In comparison to the general income ratio, staff gets an above-average salary, is medically insured and, in addition, included in a pension scheme.

The whole village profits from the organic ylang-ylang
The village nearby also profits from the organic plantation. Monsieur Bruno pays one percent of the plantation’s revenue into a special fund, from which the renovations of the village school and sanitary facilities have recently been financed. There are also plans to use this fund to hire a crop consultant to train the villagers in organic rice growing, in order to increase rice crops in their private gardens.


Correns, France, was the very first organic village in Europe. While grapes and olives have always been cultivated there, the village mayor also recognised the opportunities and benefits of organic farming.  He broached the topic of a change in farming practices in discussions with the local farmers and, after considerable persuasion, the project was gradually realised. Today, Correns has become a famous flagship village with its entire community agricultural land certified organic. Farfalla is part of this, running a project for aromatic plants used in essential oils and extracts.


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