How do you call this plant ? What do you use it for? How do you prepare it? Those are some of the basics questions she has been restlessly asking for the last 10 years. In a rural kitchen or in a high-tech equipped laboratory, always with the same curiosity she observes, notes and questions people’s use of “green stuff”.

Serena Ethnobotanik


This is her job, or at least part of it. Because defining ethnobotany is not a simple matter. Studying the relations between human kind and plants means studying a fascinating and constantly evolving environment. A world where new astonishing discoveries stand alongside with old knowledge at risk of disappearing, where simple traditional recipes can be a greater secret than complicated chemical processes, where humans and plants co-exist and constantly influence each other's life.


There are different ways to explore this world, but for Serena the most important is to carefully listen and observe what people say and omit, what people do and do not do. Sharing is the best way to understand and respect how people make sense of the world they are surrounded by and are part of.


Serena Britos is an ethnobotanist and she will take us along in a journey among plants and people, cultures and active principles, tips and legends, stories and myths, she has been coming across on her way…