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Each child is different but all appreciate scented support for school studies and homework. Help your child select the fragrances which correspond to its character and its favourite scent. 


boosting concentration and stimulating for school and homework

peppermint  (older children only)


consoling and relieving school jitters and exam nerves

Chamomile Roman und Chamomile Roman Swiss

reassuring and encouraging for self-confidence, courage and good mood

blood orange
Mandarin red
Cedarwood (Himalaya)



At school your child can always have a perfumed handkerchief at hand and at home a diffuser, aroma lamp or aroma stone can help to focus, make learning fun and give self-confidence.


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Serena Ethnobotanikerin

How do you call this plant ? What do you use it for? How do you prepare it? Those are some of the basics questions she has been restlessly asking for the last 10 years. In a rural kitchen or in a high-tech equipped laboratory, always with the same curiosity she observes, notes and questions people’s use of “green stuff”.

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Our new website invites you to browse through our sensuous and user-friendly shopping experience. It answers all the questions you may have about our natural products and organic cosmetics, their ingredients, our quality commitment and our cultivation partners.

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No to Animal Testing

Mar 13, 2014 3:10:09 PM

While it goes without saying that Farfalla does not allow any market to dictate to us the necessity for animal testing, we would like to respond to various customer queries and stress this fact once again. We neither engage in nor approve of using animals to test our products and do not sell our products in areas where animal testing is a prevailing law.

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