Weekender-Set, Travelset body care


Weekender-Set, Travelset body care

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Content: Mandarine Carpe Diem, Moisturising Shower gel, 30ml. A moisturizing and uplifting shower experience. The tangy essential oil of tangerine vitalises and helps taking full advantage of each and every new day. Mild herbal surfactants cleanse the skin without moisture loss. Mandarine Carpe Diem, Moisturising body lotion, 30ml. Gives your skin an invigorating, silky smooth feeling from head to toe. The moisturising protective complex with organic fig extract and organic shea butter preserves the suppleness of the skin and the tangy mandarin essential oil is uplifting. everyday shampoo, Pomegranate, 30ml. Natural shampoo for frequent washing. Precious active ingredients from the pomegranate protect the hair from drying out, even with daily washing. The hair feels more elastic, manageable and well-groomed. For ideal moisturising and a natural shine.


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